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Duct Cleaning Services

Poor indoor air quality can ramp up your family’s allergies and asthma.
Clear the air - literally - by tackling the last place you might think to sweep.

Where There’s Ducts,
There’s Dust

The same airborne allergens and pollutants you wipe up every week when you dust can collect for years in your home’s air ducts. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (part of the National Institute of Health), indoor airborne allergens and pollutants can trigger a wide range of symptoms including:

Allergic rhinitis








Sore throat

Nasal congestion

Itchy or watery eyes

Shambaugh’s Duct Cleaning
Services in Mansfield, Ohio

When it comes to providing clear air for your family, there are no shortcuts. For the most thorough duct cleaning process available, call the indoor air specialists at Shambaugh Carpet Services for a free estimate today.


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