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Shambaugh Allergen Assessments

You're coughing–again. Your eyes itch–again. You’re reaching for an inhaler in what’s supposed to be the comfort of your own home–again.

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Could the Source of Your Allergies Be Hiding Inside Your Home?


If you, or even worse, your children, struggle with allergies, you know they can become an inescapable part of life.

Allergens can be hard to identify, making the source of your most pervasive health problem a mystery.

Clear the Air - and the Carpets, and the Ducts - with Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration


With an Allergy Assessment, Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration can uncover all the places in your home that are making you feel sick. Once we find the culprits, we will inform you of the solutions. There is hope that you can breathe easy again!


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